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Articles and Reviews

Illawarra's Anh Do and Paul Ryan both Archibald Prize finalists

Illawarra Mercury 15 July 2014
Joshua Butler

... read more

Big Canvas

The Economic Times 27 June 2014
Moinak Mitra

Art District XIII, in Delhi's Lado Sarai, may jostle for space with other galleries, but is different in its attitude. While number '13' challenges the conventional unlucky paradigm, the front road leads into canvases adorning the walls.

"Art must be accessible to you," says Kapil Chopra, president of the Oberoi Group and mentor, Art District XIII. ... read more

Claudia Karvan steps in as Noah Taylor acts up

The Sunday Telegraph 8 June 2014
Elizabeth Fortescue

With his new film Edge of Tomorrow screened across Sydney this week, and his art exhibition opening yesterday in Woollahra, all that’s missing of Noah Taylor is the man himself. ... read more

Brushes with death

Sydney Morning Herald- Spectrum 31 May 2014
Rick Feneley

Downhill skier, sprint cyclist, near-death veteran, serial hospitalcase. Rick Feneley follows Sophie cape's blood-curdling ride from extreme athlete to extreme artist. ... read more

Limbo Architecture - Painters of Modernism

Architectural Review May 2014
Aaron Betsky

Interpreted by painters in many different ways, Modernism continues to be a compelling subject matter and muse that encourages artists to go beyond notions of simple representation and instead seek to evoke something more profound. ... read more

Sketching the drama

Spectrum - SMH May 3-4 2014
Andrew Taylor

It began, like many artistic endeavours, in Paris. The city where Samuel Beckett wrote En Attendant Godot in 1948, which he translated into Waiting for Godot and later premiered at the Theatre de Babylone in 1953, would draw artist Nicholas Harding into that absurdist drama six decades later. ... read more

Home is Where the Art Is

The Hindu May 1, 2014
Shailaja Tripathi

Australian artist Paul Davies' mysteriously vacant homes encourage the viewer to build their own. ... read more

Art meets Architecture: Artist Paul Davies Is Built in Translation

The Huffington Post 1/4/2014
Kate Lawson

Australian artist Paul Davies first caught my eye earlier this year, with his atmospheric series of paintings which seductively draw you into a utopia that precariously balances between an unforgiving natural space and a built urban environment. ... read more

Arts Abound

Sunday Style 2/3/2014

Thanks to its creative owners, a depression- era apartment flourishes as a quasi gallery. ... read more

Robert Malherbe

Artist Profile ISSUE 26, 2014

ROBERT MALHERBE IS known for his lush style of painting. ... read more

In my wardrobe: Paul Davies

The Sun Herald 26 January 2014
Georgina Safe

Artist Paul Davies has a fascination with houses and architecture which he explores using stencils and painting. He's dressed down and paint-splattered when working in his Surry Hills studio, but come an exhibition opening, Davies is always one of the best dressed artists. Currently based in Sydney, where he is represented by Olsen Irwin gallery, Davies is moving to Los Angeles next month, where his signature casual and understated style will fit right in.

... read more

Man Meets Horse

Tatler Home 2013
Violet Hudson

'Scuse me, but I've got a head of Christ here'. 'Right ho- just drop it outside,' says a cheerful Nic Fiddian-Green to the white-van man delivering an enormous sculpture. We are standing in his freezing- cold, rickety Surrey studio. "It's a converted sheep-shearing shed,' he tells me. "When I first moved in, there were rotting carcasses everywhere.' The face of God incarnate being delivered isn't the oddest thing that happens during our meeting. Gale-force winds are shaking the studio like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz; 25-foot-tall horses's heads are dotted around; and, at one point, the proceedings are interrupted by a vicar coming in to bless the space. ... read more

Two of Us

The Sydney Morning Herald October 19th, 2013
Rosamund Burton

Comedian and author Anh Do, 36, has forged a friendship with award-winning painter Paul Ryan, 49, over their love of art and shared understanding of the impact of absent fathers. ... read more

Olsen's King Sun rises

The Age 30 July 2013
Dewi Cooke

Amid the glass walls and muted tones of Docklands' commercial building clusters, something vibrant and altogether more organic has risen. A quivering sun, its rays unfurling in orange, pink and splotches of green across an immense canvas (six by eight metres) was installed at the weekend under the watchful eye of its creator, famed Australian artist John Olsen.
... read more

Save the date

Sydney Magazine 30 July 2013
Elissa Blake

Painter, sculptor and installation artist Anthony Lister's art practice straddles two worlds. The first is the shadowy world of street art, of which he is an acknowledged master among those in the know. The second is that of London's white-cube art galleries, where he's regarded as one of the most sought-after young artists after being named among Australian Art Collector magazine's "Top 50 Most Collectable" list in 2010 and 2011. Originally from Brisbane, Lister grew up immersed in skateboard culture and, like his friend Banksy, he makes a point of leaving large-scale artworks in public spaces when he visits a city. ... read more

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